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The Official Keeping Up Appearances Fan Club & Forum

The official fan club and forum for the 1990s sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances' - now approved by writer - Roy Clarke and director/producer - Harold Snoad
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Keeping Up Appearances Stage Show/Tour
The Stage Show Cast (all honorary members of the fan club):
The dates of the stage tour were:  
Bradford - 1st June to the 5th June
Lincoln - 28th June to the 30th June (Split week, with other show - dinnerladies)
Darlington - 12th July to the 17th July 2010
Blackpool - 19th July to the 24th July 2010
Stoke on Trent - 26th July to the 31st July 2010

Glasgow – King’s Theatre - 6th – 11th September 2010

Worthing – Connaught Theatre – 13th - 18th September 2010

Colchester – Mercury Theatre – 20th – 25th September 2010

Peterborough – Key Theatre – 27th September – 2nd October 2010

Eastbourne – Devonshire Park – 7th – 9th October 2010

York – Theatre Royal – 11th – 16th October 2010

Hull – New Theatre – 18 – 23rd October 2010

Whitley Bay – Playhouse – 25th 30th October 2010

Derby – Playhouse – 1st – 6th November 2010

Bromley – Churchill Theatre – 8th – 13th November 2010

Buxton – Opera House – 24th – 27th November 2010

Windsor – Theatre Royal – 29th November – 4th December 2010



To discuss the stage show please visit the part of the forum dedicated to the show at:








 Newspaper/webpages about the show:


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