The Official Keeping Up Appearances Fan Club & Forum
Welcome to the Bucket residence (that is pronounced 'Bouquet'). To get full access to my house please log in or create an account, that way I will be assured that you are a truly superior person, who will not brush against my wallpaper! Don't forget to take your shoes off, as stains on my wood block flooring are a pain to remove.

By the way, Harold Snoad who is the director of Keeping Up Appearances, is our resident celebrity. That will show Mrs Barker-Finch who really has friends in high places!

Best Wishes,
Hyacinth Bucket

The Official Keeping Up Appearances Fan Club & Forum

The official fan club and forum for the 1990s sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances' - now approved by writer - Roy Clarke and director/producer - Harold Snoad
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 The fan club was formed on Tuesday 20th October 2009 at exactly 18:42. Since then we have built up over 1000 members! We have members on the site from all over the world - from the UK to Australia, from the USA to South Africa. So register for an account and discuss one of your favourite shows with many like-minded fans from across the world!
                    Honorary Members:
Harold Snoad - Producer/director of the whole TV series Patricia Routledge - Hyacinth (TV series) Roy Clarke - Writer of the whole TV series
Judy Cornwell - Daisy (TV series) *Geoffrey Hughes - Onslow (TV series) - RIP* Josephine Tewson - Elizabeth (TV series)
Rachel Bell - Hyacinth (stage show) David Janson - Postman (TV series) & Mr. Milson (stage show) Debbie Arnold - Rose (show)
Gareth Hale - Onslow (stage show) Steven Pinder - Emmet (stage show) Christine Moore - Daisy (stage show)
Kim Hartman - Elizabeth (stage show)
Sarah Whitlock - Mrs Debden (stage show)

Keeping Up Appearances was a British sitcom starring Patricia Routledge as eccentric, social-climber Hyacinth Bucket pronounced bouquet. The series was written by Roy Clarke. Lots of the work was done by the series producer and director Harold Snoad who was credited as director/producer but also suggested many episode storylines and edited many episode scripts to make them more suitbale and funny for the audience. The show aired on BBC1 from 1990 to 1995, spanning five series containing 44 episodes, four of which are Christmas specials. In 2004 the show came 12th in the Britain's Best Sitcom poll that aired on BBC 2. Keeping Up Appearances was so popular that it was shown worldwide and has now been released on DVD worldwide. The show is often repeated on various telly channels all over the world especially in the USA.
This fan club and forum remembers before the show, after the show and everywhere in-between! We are here to remember the show and to hopefully get more people into the show. So come and become a member, we are all a friendly bunch, and IT'S FREE! "Oh Nice" as Onslow would say.



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