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The official fan club and forum for the 1990s sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances' - now approved by writer - Roy Clarke and director/producer - Harold Snoad
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PostSubject: Crossover   Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:31 am

Had an idea for a Keeping Up Appearances/Are You Being Served crossover.
Episode 1: Accidentally Royal
Hyacinth and Richard visit Grace Bros. The staff is preparing for a royal visit (not the queen but a MALE RELATIVE of the queen) , and Hyacinth is accidentally honored when Richard is mistaken for the royal.
Episode 2: Returns
Despite her common roots having been revealed at the end of the previous episode, Hyacinth, delighted by her treatment, resolves to return to Grace Bros. There, she resolves to introduce Sheridan to Miss Brahams. In the meantime, Rose, who is seeking out guidance from Hyacinth, meets Mr Humphries and falls fast and hard. On her way out of the building, Hyacinth runs into Young Mr Grace. Without his new glasses, he develops a crush on Hyacinth and invites her to tea.
Episode 3: Tea with Mr. Grace
Mr. Grace has invited Hyacinth for tea in the boardroom. Rose tags along in order to stalk Mr. Humphries, and Daisy and Onslow decide to go along in order to replace Onslow's vest. There, Onslow befriends Mr Harmon, while Daisy worries that Mrs Slocombe might catch his eye. Hyacinth brings Richard to tea, and Mr Grace mistakes him for her butler. Hyacinth decides to play along rather than appear poor and not have a butler.
Episode 4: The Proposal
Egged on by mummy, Sheridan reluctantly proposes to Miss Brahams, who accepts because Mrs Slocombe has pressured her into not turning out like Mrs. Axelbee. Rose decides to propose to Mr. Humphries herself, and brings daddy along for approval. Daddy sees an enemy soldier and goes into fight mode, and Captain Peacock tries to use his authority as a captain to curb the disaster. Daddy reveals that Captain Peacock actually worked for the catering corps. The episode ends with the 2 engagements.
Episode 5: Wedding Bells
Mr. Humphries comandeers Mr Lucas to serve at the wedding, which offends Hyacinth's good senses. She entices Violet, Elizabeth, and Emmitt to the wedding in order to solicit expensive wedding gifts. Mrs. Slocombe develops a not so subtle crush on Emmitt. They decide on a joint family wedding, only to have Mr Humphries and Sheridan fall in love at first sight and run away together. Miss Brahams, outwardly heartbroken, but inwardly relieved, finally goes to see The Unsatisfied Virgin with Mr. Lucas. Richard, who has been forced by Hyacinth to play butler at his own sons wedding, drives a frustrated Hyacinth home.
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