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By the way, Harold Snoad who is the director of Keeping Up Appearances, is our resident celebrity. That will show Mrs Barker-Finch who really has friends in high places!

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The Official Keeping Up Appearances Fan Club & Forum

The official fan club and forum for the 1990s sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances' - now approved by writer - Roy Clarke and director/producer - Harold Snoad
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Josephine Tewson - Elizabeth Warden
Josephine Tewson played the part of the very nervous 'Elizabeth' who always keeps spilling coffee at Hyacinth's bungalow.
Josephine Tewson (born 26 February 1939) is an English comic actress best known for her role as Elizabeth in the British television series Keeping Up Appearances and as Miss Davenport in the British television series, Last of the Summer Wine.
Josephine Tewson was born in Hampstead, London. Her father was a professional musician and after grammar school she studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She was once married to the actor Leonard Rossiter, though they later divorced. She was a cousin of actor John Inman.
A regular comedy performer in sketches featuring Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker on Frost on Sunday and Hark at Barker in 1970, she later appeared in Mostly Monkhouse, a BBC Radio Comedy programme with David Jason supporting Bob Monkhouse. She also appeared on the Charlie Drake show, Z Cars and Emergency Ward 10 in the 1960s. Tewson played Edna Hawkins (usually refered to as Mrs H by Shelley) in the first six series of the British sitcom Shelley. In 1988, she played Jane Travers in the sitcom Clarence, which was written by Ronnie Barker and was his last starring television role before his retirement.
More recently, she has appeared semi-regularly as Miss Davenport in Last of the Summer Wine (written by Roy Clarke, who also wrote Keeping Up Appearances). She has also appeared in two episodes of the documentary series Comedy Connections, talking about her work in Keeping Up Appearances (2004) and opposite The Two Ronnies (2005). In 2009, she played the role of Iris in the radio drama, Leaves in Autumn written by Susan Casanove and produced by the Wireless Theatre Company.
Other television appearances were in an episode of Heartbeat in 2002 called "Closing The Book", which was part of the eleventh series. She also featured as a competition judge in 'Judgement Day', an episode in the mystery drama Midsomer Murders.
Television roles
1969 to 1970- Hark at Barker - Mildred Bates
1972 - His Lordship Entertains - Mildred Bates
 1971 - Copper's End WPS - Penny Pringle
1977 - Odd Man Out - Dorothy
1979 to 1984 - Shelley - Edna Hawkins
1988 - Clarence - Jane Travers
1990 to 1995 - Keeping Up Appearances - Elizabeth Warden
2003 to Present - Last of the Summer Wine - Miss (Lucinda) Davenport
2009 - Doctors - Mrs Winston, a kleptomaniac

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